• Barbara Benedict

    Barbara Benedict

  • Melissa Strack

    Melissa Strack

    Writer. Advocate for intellectual disabilities & mental health. Proud USA patriot. Fueled by Jesus, food stories and family.

  • Zailett Torres Morales

    Zailett Torres Morales

  • Wouter Smoors

    Wouter Smoors

    Physical Therapist in training

  • Kunal Agarwal

    Kunal Agarwal

    I am a curious person interested in writing, photography, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, travel, music, and spirituality.

  • Mikael Wallin

    Mikael Wallin

    Truth is harder than fantasy, listening is harder than telling, uniting is harder than dividing. Being part of the solution is harder than of a problem.

  • Keeva Black

    Keeva Black

    🇨🇦 Writer. Mom. Living ENM, Swinging & Hotwife lifestyle with my soul mate. Editor: https://medium.com/modern-swinging https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2

  • Tom McMahon

    Tom McMahon

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